Indigo Sessions is a quartet project led by singer-songwriter Aimua Eghobamien with musical partners bassists Jerome Davies and Oli Hayhurst and violinist Richard Jones.

With each member contributing his own style through original compositions and arrangements of pop, rock, classical and jazz standards this innovative project truly showcases the collaborative efforts of this ensemble. Voice, violin and two double basses; it’s an unusual ensemble and invites speculative combinations of sound and “role reversal”—voice providing percussion, basses duelling contrapuntally. It was only until the four had spent some time together playing that they realised how rich the rewards could be. Call it alternative; call it avant-garde, it is a sound that won’t soon be forgotten.

Davies, with his organic love of instruments—he not only plays the bass, he builds and repairs them—shares his widely praised arranging and compositional skills for this programme. Artists Davies has worked with include Imelda May, Clare Teal, Salena Jones and Ronnie Scotts Big Band.

Hayhurst, whose eloquent bass work has wowed UK audiences since moving to London to study at the Royal Academy of Music, introduces us to his original compositions and arrangements that are perfect for this unusual quartet. Artists Hayhurst has worked with include Zoe Rahman, Gilad Atzmon, Julian Siegel and Liam Noble.

Violinist and composer Richard Jones is a dynamic, exciting young British musician who strives to forge and unearth musical collaborations within a wide range of musical contexts. Far removing the violin from the orchestral setting, Jones delves into rock, folk, world music and jazz to find his sounds. Jones’ skills have carried him around Europe, performing with bands and artists throughout the continent as well as recording in the USA.

In addition to their original pieces, their repertoire includes arrangements of Henry Purcell’s “Music For A While”, Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Prelude In D Minor”, Kenny Garrett’s “Sing A Song Of Song”, Gil Evans’ “Where Flamingos Fly”, Tom Waits’ “Johnsburg, Illinois”, Miles Davis’ “Milestones”, Oscar Peterson’s “Nigerian Marketplace”, Alec Wilder’s “Blackberry Winter”. They also explore the music of Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Wayne Shorter, Abdullah Ibrahim and the bassist Avishai Cohen.